Enhance, Repair, and Prevent...
​at Stepping Stone Clinic
A full body massage brings total relaxation!Your body's initial response to massage is to relax. Massage relieves stress and soothes muscles. Massage aids in maintaining flexibility in joints. Massage encourages a better exchange of nutrients. These are some of the many benefits offered by regularly scheduled massage. It's good to know that something that feels so great can contribute to your long-term health.

Massage Therapy in Lakewood Ranch mM 10982

Prevention...         Prevention of injury, pain, dysfunction.

Massage Therapy, Acupuncture and Laser Therapy allows your body to heal

​naturally in a way that God intended.


Repair...         Massage stimulates the skin and nervous system and soothes the nerves themselves at the same time. The quality of restful sleep usually improves in the days following a massage, giving your body a chance to further repair and restore your energy.
 Enhance...             Massage is an easy and pleasant coping strategy that requires nothing more from you than to let go and receive. At Stepping Stone Clinic, we provide a peaceful and beautiful environment that includes candles and soothing music designed to enhance your overall experience.